Process for checking port dependencies

Scott Haneda talklists at
Tue Feb 24 23:26:52 PST 2009

This ASSP port is going to kill me.

I have either through MacPorts, or local ports I have made, nearly  
made ASSP as a new port.  Below, is my testing methodology, can  
someone confirm this is the best process, or if there are simpler  
methods that I should be using?

Clean up as if a new user
rm -rf /opt/local

sudo port -d install p5-some-perl-module

If the above goes clean
port list installed

If the above shows it is installed
port uninstall -d p5-some-perl-module

Rinse and repeat.

If I run into a something that is complaining that it needs some other  
dependency, I find it, add it to the portfile, and try again the steps  
above.  I am not rm'ing every time, just once, to mimic a new user.

I have somewhere around 40 or these to do, it is a process.  If there  
is anything anyone can share to make it easier, I sure would love to  
hear it.


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