Difference in -v or -d

Scott Haneda talklists at newgeo.com
Wed Feb 25 20:09:54 PST 2009

On Feb 25, 2009, at 7:21 PM, Joshua Root wrote:
> Do you mean -d prints something that should also be printed by -v, but
> isn't?
> An example would be helpful.

I wish I could give you an example, let me try to explain:
sudo port -v install
password: ******

Thats it, that is all I get, it just sits there, nothing, a blank line  
in the shell, fully stalled.  Next time, I will run `lsof` and `top`  
and see what is going on.

I can only recover from the above with a control-c

After that control-c, if I run the same command, -d instead,  
immediately, all the debug and info lines are sent to the screen.

Not a huge deal, if others saw it, I would look into it. I'm building  
out ports to three test machines, to make sure all is working, one is  
a mac mini intel, macbook intel, and a PPC G5, I want to cover all  
bases.  I have seen it happen on two of those machines, the mini has  
not happened yet, but I do not always test on that machine.

The only non standard thing I am doing from a normal plain install, is  
I do have a file:/// reference in sources.conf, since I have local  

If you can think of any other tests I should look at other than `top`  
to see if cpu is being used in large amounts, or `lsof` to see what  
files may or may not be hooked into, let me know, I will add them to  
my list of things to try.

I just found out ports is tcl under the hood, making all issues like  
this much more approachable to me as far as looking into it.  I  
assumed it would be a flavor of C under the hood.  Pretty happy it is  
not, this allows me to possibly contribute back, once I get over this  
little learning hump.

Thanks for the help.

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