Difference in -v or -d

Bradley Giesbrecht brad at pixilla.com
Wed Feb 25 20:41:16 PST 2009

On Feb 25, 2009, at 6:12 PM, Scott Haneda wrote:

> On Feb 25, 2009, at 5:38 PM, Joshua Root wrote:
>> Scott Haneda wrote:
>>> I usually use -d on a port install, but sometimes, I use -v as  
>>> others
>>> seem to use it.  The man page makes me think -v has -d plus more.
>>> Anyone ever see where -v will stall, and do nothing, where as  
>>> trying -d
>>> right after, and it moves right along?
>> The -d option prints everything that is printed by -v, plus debug- 
>> level
>> messages that expose what's happening internally. As the man page  
>> puts it:
>> -d       debug mode (generate debugging messages, implies -v)
> Right, but I have repeated cases where -v will just hang, unless 5  
> minutes later it should be doing something, but I have a feeling  
> something should show after 5 minutes.
> I just wanted to see if anyone else experienced it.  I do see it on  
> multiple machines.

I didn't notice long periods with no output but I do see port -v  
returning with no output under certain circumstances. Like port -v  
install already_installed_port.

And when I was building a Portfile and had a checksum or web path  
issue, don't remember, seems it didn't give much output there either.

But no long hangs. Sounds like a network or distribution file issue to  

But I know close to nothing about how port works inside.


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