Case of port names?

Scott Haneda talklists at
Thu Feb 26 04:40:10 PST 2009

On Feb 26, 2009, at 3:39 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Feb 26, 2009, at 03:31, Joshua Root wrote:
>> Scott Haneda wrote:
>>> Are all port names to be lowercase?
>> No.
> Use whatever case gives you the greatest pleasure, or rather, best  
> matches the project name. There was a problem in MacPorts < 1.7.0  
> when the case of the port name did not match the case the user typed  
> on the command line. Users usually typed port names in all  
> lowercase, so ports that used uppercase letters caused problems for  
> those users. But now that MacPorts 1.7.0 has fixed that issue,  
> there's no reason not to use uppercase letters. We have 187 ports  
> currently using uppercase letters in their names.

Then to confirm this is correct, I use assp as the name of my port and  
ASSP as the distname?
name			ASSP
distname                assp

That did not seem to work for me, I had:
name			ASSP
distname		ASSP_${version}-Install

This would yield a bad download for me, it could not locate it. The  
download URL from sourceforge that works is:

Where does ports get the first 'assp' in lowercase in that url?

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