Install suggestions for port ASSP

Scott Haneda talklists at
Thu Feb 26 17:24:32 PST 2009

My ASSP portfile I have now, instead of using xinstall, I just copy  
the directory into place.   I need a little guidance no the best way  
to do this.

ASSP will end up in /opt/local/var/ASSP

If ASSP is not there, I just move the entire distro in.  On first run  
of ASSP, a few files and folders are made, the user is good to go.

How do I deal with updates to ASSP?  The files that were made on first  
run, as well as config files that have been edited over time, can not  
be replaced.

I believe if I do this as a entire directory, I am going to mess up,  
unless there is a merge or sync command I am not seeing.

Would it then be correct to simply install each file one at a time,  
then they get registered, and the port upgrade can just touch those  
files, leaving any user created files in the same area alone?

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