installing ghc fails

Gregory Wright gwright at
Thu Jul 2 05:12:35 PDT 2009


Brandon Allbery wrote:
> On Jul 1, 2009, at 12:21 , Inky 788 wrote:
>> $ cabal install haddock
>> Resolving dependencies...
>> No packages to be installed. All the requested packages are already 
>> installed.
>> If you want to reinstall anyway then use the --reinstall flag.
>> ~~~ /snip ~~~
>> Weird. (How can I check if it's actually installed? Incidentally, it
>> is not listed in the output of `port installed`, which is:
> "type haddock" to find out where it is.
> Haddock 2.x is actually built into ghc, which is why there's such a 
> close version dependency on the two.  I haven't checked, but it's 
> possible that installing ghc is installing haddock automatically, such 
> that ghc knows about it but port doesn't.  (This would be a bug in the 
> ghc port.)
> Actually, poking about on my system, what I see is:
> - haddock-ghc is installed by the ghc port
> - /usr/bin/haddock is a symlink into the framework-based ghc install 
> from, unrelated to ports
> You may want to verify which ghc and haddock you're getting, and 
> adjust your path or remove the interfering ghc install.
It's a sort of a bug in the ghc port.  GHC itself builds and installs 
haddock, a version that
is known to work for documenting the compiler.  However, this makes it 
impossible to install
a different version of haddock (the port moves the ghc-provided haddock 
to haddock-ghc, which
prevents the name collision, but cabal registers the application as 
"haddock", not haddock-ghc).

Two things could be done: just accept ghc's haddock and never install 
another, or change the
install name of ghc-provided haddock.  I'd be happy to do the former as 
it is no work, but it would
prevent people from installing the latest version of haddock, if it is 
updated between ghc releases.

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