installing ghc fails

Brandon Allbery allbery at
Wed Jul 1 18:40:05 PDT 2009

On Jul 1, 2009, at 12:21 , Inky 788 wrote:
> $ cabal install haddock
> Resolving dependencies...
> No packages to be installed. All the requested packages are already  
> installed.
> If you want to reinstall anyway then use the --reinstall flag.
> ~~~ /snip ~~~
> Weird. (How can I check if it's actually installed? Incidentally, it
> is not listed in the output of `port installed`, which is:

"type haddock" to find out where it is.

Haddock 2.x is actually built into ghc, which is why there's such a  
close version dependency on the two.  I haven't checked, but it's  
possible that installing ghc is installing haddock automatically, such  
that ghc knows about it but port doesn't.  (This would be a bug in the  
ghc port.)

Actually, poking about on my system, what I see is:
- haddock-ghc is installed by the ghc port
- /usr/bin/haddock is a symlink into the framework-based ghc install  
from, unrelated to ports

You may want to verify which ghc and haddock you're getting, and  
adjust your path or remove the interfering ghc install.

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