Building vte fails

David Evans devans at
Thu Jul 2 13:58:27 PDT 2009

Janosch Peters wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'd like to install gtk-sharp which depends on vte. Unfortunately, vte 
> fails to build. Because I found nothing on the net, I assume that it 
> has sth to do with my configuration, but I dont know what it could be.
> Any ideas are highly appreciated.
> cheers,
> Janosch

Janosch --

I just realized that you are trying to install gtk-sharp which is an 
older version of this port. (1.0.10).  gtk-sharp2 is a newer version 
(2.12.9) which
doesn't require vte at all.  Maybe this is what you need.  Sorry for not 
noticing the difference sooner.


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