Building vte fails

David Evans devans at
Fri Jul 3 10:27:33 PDT 2009

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Jul 2, 2009, at 12:18, David Evans wrote:
>> Yes,  you trying to build with gtk2 +no_x11 +quartz and vte does not
>> support this.  To build vte you need to use
>> gtk2 without these variants.  Of course, this will conflict with
>> other ports that you have built using gtk2 +no_x11 +quartz.
> You could add code to the vte port to print a helpful error message if
> the user tries to do this. See the pango port, which checks for proper
> capabilities of its cairo dependency.
> Or does your patch-x-display-missing.diff that you just added
> sufficiently address this?
The patch allows it to build when there is no GTK X11 support available
so no need for anything further.

Looks like the upstream developers have been working progressively
to modify the code to work through GTK only and not assume that an X11
backend is being used.   During development of these modifications
they have used X_DISPLAY_MISSING to enclose the new code so that they
could turn it on for testing.  Now all of these ifdefs have been
removed except in this one file so the code that is enabled by this
patch may be experimental in nature or pre-release but it builds.  I expect
that in a future release this ifdef will disappear entirely.

The particular problem here was the use of the outdated gtk-sharp port. 
The newer gtk-sharp2 port has removed the dependency on vte.

Maybe the place for a warning message is in gtk-sharp recommending the
newer port.

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