glade-3 with out icon and some error

David Evans devans at
Fri Jul 3 11:30:50 PDT 2009

nuvolare wrote:
> Ok, I did this:
> MacbookPro:~ nuvolare$ sudo launchctl load -w
> Password:
> usage: launchctl load [-w] paths...
> MacbookPro:~ nuvolare$ 
> What wrong?
> From the beginning I meet lots' of problem to run glade, and seem to
> be never finish, I've a moth that I resolve problem for run glade
> and I'm looking forward to resolve it.
> Hope you can help me...
> Thank you
> Il giorno 03/lug/09, alle ore 19:42, David Evans ha scritto:
>> sudo launchctl load -w
sudo launchctl load -w

Looks like the line wrapped in email -- you need to put


at the end of the command.

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