Upgrading PHP5

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sat Jul 18 22:55:36 PDT 2009

On Jul 18, 2009, at 16:44, Chris Janton wrote:

> On 2009-07-18 , at 12:23 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> php5-zlib will be deleted again. I changed my mind. zlib  
>> functionality is so useful and zlib is so small that I'll make it  
>> always-on again with the next upgrade.
> A small gotcha for me. My phpMyAdmin stopped working. Says I needed  
> mcrypt which I didn't install (mostly to just see what happens).
> In the phpmyadmin port there is a dependency on php5 that looks  
> like this
> depends_run         path:lib/${mysql}:${mysql} \
>                     path:bin/php:php5
> How does that work if something needs php5-mcrypt? Just make the  
> dependency be on php5-mcrypt which would obviously depend on php5?
> Just curious.
> I installed php5-mcrypt, my phpMyAdmin (not from MacPorts) works  
> fine again.

Sounds like the phpmyadmin port should now declare a dependency on  
php5-mcrypt in addition to php5. Based on the requirements stated on  
the documentation web page, it should also depend on php5-gd, and  
once I create those ports, php5-zip, php5-mcrypt and php5-ctype.

The point of breaking php's optional functionality out into separate  
ports is to make php5 itself much lighter, and to allow other ports  
to declare dependencies on those optional php functionalities they  
actually require, since of course that can't be done if those  
functionalities are in variants.

Once I break php's mysql functionality out into a php5-mysql port,  
then phpmyadmin should depend on php5-mysql, and should not depend on  
any mysql port (because php's mysql support does not necessarily  
require mysql to be installed anymore).

Once I break all php's optional functionality into separate ports,  
the web sapi's will be broken out into ports too, like php5-apache  
and php5-fastcgi. There will also be a meta-port php5-web which all  
web apps like phpmyadmin should depend on instead of php5.

Eventually I hope for there to be a php5webapp portgroup.

And now writing this, I realize that keeping php5-zlib separate might  
still be appropriate, since my motivation for considering to put it  
back in is so that web apps can gzip compress their pages, so in fact  
it could remain a separate port and just be a dependency of php5-web.

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