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Tue Jun 2 18:57:24 PDT 2009

On Tuesday 02 June 2009 15:22, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> Xcode 3.0 had some bugs, which have fortunately been fixed in 3.1. So
> it's not an effective use of our time to engineer workarounds for
> Xcode 3.0 bugs when you could just install Xcode 3.1 and not
> experience the bugs anymore. Therefore I added that message to the
> tiff port to prevent you from running into the Xcode 3.0 problem and
> advise you of how to solve it. :) There are several ports now which
> either emit the same message, or will fail if you try to build them
> with Xcode 3.0. Therefore you would make your life easier by
> installing the latest Xcode.

Ahhh, you're way ahead of me. (Note to self: never doubt the sensei.)

Once 3.1 was installed everything built without errors.

> > And as long as I'm taking advantage of you ...
> >
> > There's a message that comes up somewhere during the compile
> > process that
> > openvas works much better with about 100 bpf devices (Berkeley
> > Packet Filter,
> > /dev/bpf*). There's four in there now, do you know if it's safe for
> > me to
> > just create 96 more using mknod? Or even better, is there the
> > equivalent of
> > the bsd MAKEDEV script hiding somewhere I haven't been able to find
> > it?
> I did see that message but I don't know anything about Berkeley
> Packet Filter devices or creating nodes. You might try asking the
> developers of openvas if they have further advice, since they at
> least know something about that feature since they wrote their
> software to use it.

It's an OS question rather than a software question: how many device nodes of 
that particular type can the OS handle? I've got some questions out with 
Apple - I'll pass the results along.

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