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Thomas De Contes d.l.tDeContes at
Wed Jun 10 13:54:12 PDT 2009

Le 1 juin 09 à 17:04, Daniel J. Luke a écrit :

> On May 31, 2009, at 1:28 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>>> I know there was a problem compiling 1.6.x while 1.5.x is active.
>>> also with 1.4.x
>> Right, I wouldn't be surprised if the issue exists compiling 1.6.x  
>> while any version earlier than 1.6.0 is active, but I have not  
>> tested other than the last 1.5.x version.
> It's only a problem when the ABI of the installed library is  
> different from the ABI of the one that is being built.
> So, upgrades work fine for minor versions.
> Also, the problem doesn't manifest on 10.5. Since I no longer have  
> a 10.4 system, it's difficult for me to know what might fix the  
> build problem.
> If someone with 10.4 can generate a patch (or even just figure out  
> what part of the build would need to change, and is willing to test  
> a patch), then we can get it fixed.

i have 10.4, but i don't know the build process at all,
so i can't locate the problem in an autonomous way
i need that you guide me step by step

i can test a patch or anything you need :-)

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