Emmanuel Hainry milosh at macports.org
Sat Jun 20 11:47:53 PDT 2009

Citando Jeremy Huddleston :
> Because it would require adding maybe 10 ports to depends_build to EVERY 
> port that depends on X11.
> True that binary packages don't need the *proto packages, but (for  
> example) every package that has depends_lib port:gtk2 is going to need  
> to add about 10 ports to depends_build if you make the protocol headers 
> build dependencies.  Do you want to manage that?  I sure don't.  That's 
> why they were added to depends_lib to the xorg-libs that need them to 
> build.  That way anything that needs that lib will have the headers it 
> needs as well.

Don't we have portgroups to take care of problems that are common to lots of
ports and are to be settled in a uniform way?

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