PHP upgrade to v5.2.10

Peter Oakley peteo at
Thu Jun 25 15:10:36 PDT 2009

Looks like this problem with the date('Y') function was a PHP bug. It  
showed up on Mac OS X (my system) and on Mac OS X Server, both  
v10.4.11, when upgrading from PHP v5.2.8 or v5.2.9 to v5.2.10, and  
the bug also existed in v5.3.0 RC2. Similar problem with the DateTime 
() function. The issue has also been demonstrated on Debian Lenny PPC  
and on Solaris Sparc version 9. Here's a link for reference:

See the last message of the bug track dated [21 Jun 10:20pm UTC] from  
scottmac at (four days ago). This bug has been fixed in current  
builds of PHP v5.2.10. Now I'm wondering: How long is it likely to  
take for this fixed version of PHP5 v5.2.10 to make its way into  

    - Pete O

On Jun 25, 2009, at 10:09 AM, Peter Oakley wrote:

> Last night I was upgrading my web server to PHP v5.2.10 (from  
> v5.2.8) and everything seemed to go ok, no warnings or major  
> gotchas. But once I began using it, I could see there were some  
> real problems with the time() and date() functions. It's possible  
> that I'm just using these two functions in ways that are either  
> wrong (but have up to now served to accomplish the task I was  
> seeking to do) or are no longer allowed, for security reasons, in  
> which case I will need to develop a work-around. Or something is  
> going wrong with the update. I'm writing to this list to see if  
> anyone else has experienced this same problem, or if you all might  
> have some ideas as to what's going on here.
> Some additional info: I am running PHP on a Dual G4 PPC Mac, Apache  
> (that comes with Mac OS X, not Apache 2), and MySQL from MacPorts.
>    - Pete O

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