PHP upgrade to v5.2.10

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Jun 25 15:21:18 PDT 2009

On Jun 25, 2009, at 17:10, Peter Oakley wrote:

> Looks like this problem with the date('Y') function was a PHP bug.  
> It showed up on Mac OS X (my system) and on Mac OS X Server, both  
> v10.4.11, when upgrading from PHP v5.2.8 or v5.2.9 to v5.2.10, and  
> the bug also existed in v5.3.0 RC2. Similar problem with the  
> DateTime() function. The issue has also been demonstrated on Debian  
> Lenny PPC and on Solaris Sparc version 9. Here's a link for reference:
> See the last message of the bug track dated [21 Jun 10:20pm UTC]  
> from scottmac at (four days ago). This bug has been fixed in  
> current builds of PHP v5.2.10. Now I'm wondering: How long is it  
> likely to take for this fixed version of PHP5 v5.2.10 to make its  
> way into MacPorts?

I see they have fixed the problem in CVS, but they have not told us  
how they fixed it. So we either wait for 5.2.11 and update the port  
to that version, or someone has to find out what patch fixed the  
problem and I can apply that patch in the portfile.

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