checking for gcc

Rainer Müller raimue at
Sat May 2 15:32:22 PDT 2009

On 2009-05-02 17:01, Thomas De Contes wrote:
> Le 2 mai 09 à 16:09, Rainer Müller a écrit :
>>> but when i put an other compiler which knows ada in my path, i get
>>> configure: error: Could not locate a working Objective-C runtime.
>>> so it would be nice to do it, so i won't have to change my path every
>>> time :-)
>> Please file a ticket against the port for which this happens. It  
>> has to
>> be patched to adhere CC from the environment (or configure call)  
>> instead
>> of calling gcc directly.
> it *is* MacPorts, not a Port

So it is your task to point it to a working compiler with Objective-C
support in the environment or pass it to configure.

> rsync -azv rsync:// macports/
> cd macports/
> ./configure --enable-readline --prefix=/Users/thomas/Documents/prgm/ 
> bin/autoinstall/macports --with-install-user=thomas --with-install- 
> group=thomas
> curiously, the problem doesn't happen when i do
> port selfupdate

port probably removed the path to the non-working compiler from PATH by
applying its own binpath.

> [...]

>> MacPorts just requires any C compiler to compile and does not limit  
>> this
>> to /usr/bin/gcc-4.0. I don't see a reason to do so.
> i think it's bad, i explained why

It works fine with the default on both Tiger and Leopard. If you make
customizations I assume you would also have the knowledge to get
MacPorts compiling with your custom settings.


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