Erlang R13B_2 port

Bojan Nastic bnastic at
Sun May 3 10:42:09 PDT 2009

Hi all,

It seems that (at least) the latest version of erlang port has grown  
considerably in size?
I tried updating from R12B-5 and haven't checked for dependencies  
(foolishly). Imagine my surprise when upgrade was _still_ running  
after 20 minutes, trying to fetch most of xorg, brought in as  
wxWidgets dependency!
Does anyone know what has changed since R12 to bring the whole of X11  
along for the ride?

Is there any way to get erlang _not_ dependent on all the gui/X11  
stuff (like "nox" variants for some linux distros), even as a separate  
port? (Or should I contact the maintainer directly regarding this?)

Bojan Nastic
bnastic at

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