Announcing: port_upgrade

Erwan David erwan at
Sun May 10 02:11:52 PDT 2009

Le Sat  9/05/2009, Jeremy Huddleston disait
> On May 9, 2009, at 14:05, Tony Doan wrote:
>> (long time lurker, first time poster)
>> Got MacPorts?
>> Do you normally keep things up to date by running "port sync; port  
>> upgrade outdated"? Do you then wish there was a problem free way to  
>> clean out all the previous versions?
> How is this different/better than my favorite solution:
> sudo port -v upgrade outdated
> sudo port -v uninstall inactive

If I understand well it orders updates following the dependencies, not the alphabetical order o the name. That's a big difference.


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