Announcing: port_upgrade

Rainer Müller raimue at
Sun May 10 05:35:28 PDT 2009

On 2009-05-10 02:54, Tony Doan wrote:
> Jeremy,
> In many cases your commands probably work fine. Partly I started this  
> before port uninstall inactive worked. Previously if you had two  
> versions of libiconv  you couldn't uninstall the older one.

It was always possible, but required force (-f).

> But I've  
> also found many cases were port upgrade leaves me with multiple broken  
> ports.

Maybe you mean when upgrading a port leaves dependents broken.

See also <>

> How bad that situation is probably depends largely on how often  
> you upgrade your ports. One audience for port_upgrade is folks that  
> have been installing ports for quite sometime but have never upgraded  
> anything. In that case port_upgrade can leave you with a fresh clean  
> tree where everything works, albeit a trade off for the recompile time.
> This got started after the second time my ports were so bent that the  
> solution ended up being:
> rm -rf /opt//local
> I'm sure port_upgrade isn't for everyone.

I would rather be interested in improving port upgrade instead of
third-party scripts for this kind of task being promoted.

What would cause that you need to wipe your installed ports? I really
can't imagine why you would need to do this, despite a corrupt registry
maybe (which can also be fixed in most cases with assistance).


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