gnuplot not finding font

Lenore Horner LenoreHorner at
Sun May 24 15:39:46 PDT 2009


I've seen the comments indicating that fontconfig should work without  
having to set gdfontpath.  However, gnuplot cannot find my fonts (and  
complains about it).  I have fontconfig 2.6.0_2 +macosx installed and  
active.  Am I supposed to do something myself with fontconfig?  If so,  


I've seen ticket 14999 and the underlying message from gnuplot, but I  
don't know what to do about it.  To whit:

Where should this path be set (why isn't it getting set correctly by  
MacPorts and how do I set it without messing up MacPorts)?
What should the path be set to?

MacPorts 1.7.1 on Intel iMac - no constraints on X11.


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