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Tue May 26 11:43:44 PDT 2009

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On May 22, 2009, at 18:16, David Evans wrote:
>> To use the MacPorts  libcurl (MacPorts libraries should be used when at
>> all possible to maintain a known environment) add
>> port:curl

> That might not be sufficient.

It turns out that is was in this case -- thanks.

> The standard approach is to submit your changes in the form of a patch 
> against the current Portfile as an attachment to a new ticket requesting
> the update.  A committer should then help you.

Got it, I'll do that.

> if you run
> sudo port -d checksum
> on your Portfile,  if the checksums are not correct, port will give you 
> a debug message with what it has calculated for the hashs
> for this file  in terms of a checksum statement.

very helpful -- thanks.

> Of course, you need to 
> make sure that you really have an official copy of
> the distribution file if you are going to assign checksums to it.

yes, of course.


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