The following dependencies failed to build: libsdl_mixer

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Sun Nov 8 19:34:47 PST 2009

On Nov 8, 2009, at 6:59 PM, Scott Haneda wrote:

> This is sort of a hacky way to do this, and  I will do my best if  
> this woks out to submit patches for the portfiles...
> $sudo port edit libsdl
> Pop in the correct checkums, commented out the old ones.
>     $sudo port install libsdl

I am not sure how to do this, I think I saw it the other day, but can  
not find it.  I do not like the idea of `port edit some-port` and  
editing it in place.  But it also is a bit of work to set up a local  
repo for some.

I just ran:
$mkdir ~/Desktop/testport; cp -Rp `port dir libsdl` ~/Desktop/testport

So, make a dir on the desktop, and then copy all libsdl files,  
maintain dates and such for fun, into the testport dir on my desktop.

I then replaced the Portfile with the altered one, in this case, just  
checksum changed, bit I think I could have just dropped the .diff into  
the files directory.

$cd ~/Desktop/testport/libsdl
$port lint
--->  Verifying Portfile for libsdl
Error: Portfile parent directory testport does not match primary  
category devel
--->  1 errors and 0 warnings found.

* Understandable error.

Aside from the lint error, can I just `sudo port install` at that  
point, and not harm/change the base MacPorts software?  Or do I need  
to `portindex` and set up my local repo?

I don't mind, for me, but it would be nice to say to a user:
1) download my temp fixed portfiles from here: http://whatever
2) run sudo port -hmmm -hmmm2 path/to/files ~/Downloads/newportfile

Pretty sure I saw there was a way to do something a lot like this.
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