HDF5 dilemma

Jochen Küpper kuepper.jochen at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 9 00:36:35 PST 2009


while I am still marked as maintainer of hdf-16, I am actually using  
hdf-18 exclusively...

On 09.11.2009, at 00:14, Mark Moll wrote:

> HDF5 1.6.10 and HDF5 1.8.4 are currently in prerelease. HDF5 1.6.10  
> is the last release of the 1.6.x series. HDF5 1.8.x can also be  
> compiled in 1.6.x compatibility mode, but this shouldn’t be done by  
> default. I think it’s hard make a case for the hdf5_select approach  
> you suggest. First, there’s only 2 or 3 ports that need hdf5 1.6 (I  
> think). Second, with gcc and python there really are many versions  
> simultaneously in use. The cost of switching versions is significant  
> with gcc and python and it makes sense to support multiple versions.

I think the easiest solution would be to mark the two ports  
conflicting in the Portfile (as pointed out by Ryan).

If there is considerable interest in having both ports around and  
active at the same time, then we should provide a hdf5_select…
I believe there is still considerable amounts of software around that  
relies on hdf5-1.6, isn't it? Most of it expects the headers directly  
in C_INCLUDE_PTH (or alike).

> Since I am the maintainer of the hdf5-18 port I might be somewhat  
> biased, but the least bad solution might be to have the hdf5 port  
> install its files in ${prefix}/lib/hdf5-16/.

And the equivalent for hdf5-18, and then a hdf5_select that symlinks  
one of the two to $prefix/include and such…
Versioned libraries could always go to ${prefix}/lib, so selecting is  
compile time, but using is always possible…

Sorry, I don't have time right now to do any of this (besides the  
possible conflict statement), but feel free to change the Portfile  
appropriately or take over maintainership altogether.

> On Nov 6, 2009, at 5:34 PM, Darren Weber wrote:
>> I've got a hdf5 dilemma ;-)
>> $ port installed hdf5*
>> The following ports are currently installed:
>>  hdf5 @1.6.9_0+threadsafe (active)
>>  hdf5-18 @1.8.3_0
>>  hdf5-18 @1.8.3_1
>> $ sudo port activate hdf5-18 @1.8.3_1
>> --->  Activating hdf5-18 @1.8.3_1
>> Error: port activate failed: Image error: /opt/local/bin/gif2h5 is  
>> being used by the active hdf5 port.  Please deactivate this port  
>> first, or use 'port -f activate hdf5-18' to force the activation.
>> The hdf5 and hdf5-18 ports are behaving like separate ports, up to  
>> the point of activation conflicts.  There are two maintainers for  
>> these ports (in the CC list of this email); can we get together on  
>> this and work out the activation conflict?
>> Is it possible to have multiple version specific libs/bins  
>> installed?  Is it as simple as providing some version specific file- 
>> name mangles (with symlinks and maybe a hdf5_select utility like  
>> the gcc_select or python_select utility)?
>> A quick search on the user email list brings up a number of ports  
>> that depend on hdf5 with dependency build issues.
>> What is the current status of play on hdf5 and what is the  
>> recommended version to have installed?

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