error building qcadlib

wilfried rabaud ewira at
Thu Nov 12 09:38:10 PST 2009

Le 11 nov. 09 à 22:43, Ryan Schmidt a écrit :

> On Nov 11, 2009, at 15:34, wilfried rabaud wrote:
>> Is it possible that the problem comes from the Makefile located in / 
>> opt/local/bin/qcad-
> Is there really a directory /opt/local/bin/qcad- 
> community.src? How did that get there? It's a strange place for a  
> source directory to go.

well, where should be src files ?

>> When looking at it, somewhere there is :
>> $(MOC):
>>       ( cd $(QTDIR)/src/moc && $(MAKE) )
>> The pb could be the bad definition of QTDIR?
> Sure, it sounds like $QTDIR is not defined.

unfortunately I am not able to set this correctly, I think I will re- 
install qt3-mac...

>> I try to find but I need help to fix this...
> What port are you trying to install here?

> Or are you trying to build this qcad manually?


> If manually, try exporting QTDIR to the correct value (whatever that  
> is).

I am not able to find which one is the good one... going to re-install  
qt3-mac anyway


Wilfried Rabaud
ewira at

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