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David Cake dave at
Thu Nov 12 23:54:14 PST 2009

At 7:19 PM +0100 11/11/09, Raphael Straub wrote:
>David Cake wrote:
>>	I'd like to have binaries of a couple of tools that have no 
>>dependencies on other libraries within MacPorts (dvdauthor and 
>>ffmpeg, specifically). Essentially, I'd like to include them within 
>>an app bundle and control them directly from NSTask, rather than 
>>require installation of local versions.
>>	Is there a way to do this within, or mostly within, MacPorts 
>>(given I already have normal MacPorts versions installed and 
>>working fine)?
>The easiest way to do this is to use the "macho_standalone" script 
>on a copy of the dvdauthor and ffmpeg binaries from MacPorts that 
>you put inside an application bundle, see

	I tried going this route.
	For some reason the py26-macholib port doesn't install the 
command line tools.
	So I installed an up to date macholib not via macports, via 
normal python lib install processes. That one seemed to have a 
problem with unpack, and just errors without running.
	So I reverted to py-macholib, which installed python 2.4, but 
did install the macho command line tools. Only, that  was missing a 
dependency to modulegraph.... and ended up with a varient of the same 
error I got with 2.6
	So, at this point, I'm lost in a mazy of twisty little python 
installs, all alike in their brokenness. *sigh*

>Or you can change install names manually by using "install_name_tool".

	That looks quite painful and long winded for fairly complex 
packages with a lot of dependencies like these ones.

>But remember that the resulting binary is only guaranteed to work on 
>the same major Mac OS X version as your MacPorts installation.

	Understood - and a quite acceptable limitation in this case. 
If only I could get it to work.


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