mdmg etc

David Cake dave at
Thu Nov 19 12:36:25 PST 2009

At 7:15 PM +1100 16/11/09, Joshua Root wrote:
>On 2009-11-16 17:54, David Cake wrote:
>>      anyone goy any advice at all on how mdmd, mkg, etc work beyond the
>>  man page?
>I can't think of much more to add. What exactly don't you understand?

	Well, my understanding of what they do is that if you run 
port mpkg portname, for example, you create an mpkg file continging 
the port and all its dependencies. Is this correnct? Because If it 
does this when I run it, it doesn't put it in the directory that I 
run it in, or any other place that I can find.
	(current MacPorts, running on Snow Leopard)

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