Why doesn't macports install prebuild packages?

Jasper Frumau jasperfrumau at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 23:27:18 PST 2009

> I suspect a lot of other software is not this way, and one universal binary
> in package format would suffice.

I agree and it would be nice to have one pre-made package of each port that
could be installed using mac ports without the need of compiling.

>  However, unless I am on a totally different page, you can make packages in
> MacPorts now. They seemed to work fine for me, on simple tests.

I wonder why this is not popular or done then? If a port maintainer can make
packages I would imagine - not an expert at all myself - I command could be
introduced to install a package and choose the latest binary if need be.

> I was able to make an "Apple like" installer, that installed and put the
> app where it needed to go.
> I find it nice in some respects to know that it builds on my system, and
> does so clean.  You do not always get that with pre-built software.

Maybe not, but many Linux distributions work with package managers and do
not seem to get into too much trouble.

> It appears to work, and works well for some time, and you run into some
> edge case where it breaks.  While I sit here and knock on wood, that largely
> does not happen with building it on your own, or with the aid of a compile
> manager like Mac Ports, as you must work out the errors or it is not usable
> at all.
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