Why doesn't macports install prebuild packages?

Emmanuel Hainry milosh at macports.org
Fri Nov 27 00:12:35 PST 2009

Citando Jasper Frumau :
> >  However, unless I am on a totally different page, you can make packages in
> > MacPorts now. They seemed to work fine for me, on simple tests.
> >
> I wonder why this is not popular or done then? If a port maintainer can make
> packages I would imagine - not an expert at all myself - I command could be
> introduced to install a package and choose the latest binary if need be.

I also wonder. Maybe it is not so popular with the base developpers. The
possibility of installing binary is present (and as always been in
macports). The archive mode creates a tgz package of any port you
install. Those tgz packages are the ones that get installed if they are
found in the dedicated dir (/opt/local/var/macports/packages/linux/i386/
for me). However, there is no online repository (and for that matter, no
trusted repository) of built macports packages.

Also, the pkg targets have been improved recently I was told...

The only missing code would be the fetching of those packages when the '-b'
switch is used, no ?


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