loudmouth - libgnutls

Wolf Drechsel drechsel at verkehrsplanung.com
Mon Nov 30 01:16:58 PST 2009


I tried to install loudmouth and came into this error (Mac OS X  
10.4.11 Tiger, PPC):

checking for libgnutls - version >= 1.4.0... no
*** The libgnutls-config script installed by LIBGNUTLS could not be  
*** If LIBGNUTLS was installed in PREFIX,  FIG environment variable to
*** the full path to libgnutls-config.
configure: error: GnuTLS was not found, use
                 --with-ssl=[no|openssl] to build without SSL support or
                 with OpenSSL

dsl01:~ bub$ sudo port installed gnutls
The following ports are currently installed:
   gnutls @2.8.3_0+darwin_8 (active)

This is my default path:

echo $PATH

There is a similar issue with gwenhywfar described here:

What can I do?


Wolf Drechsel

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