Bad CPU type in executable

Dennis C dcswest at
Thu Oct 29 15:21:29 PDT 2009

Cannot believe it!  I just realized that the Apple store where I had this
Mini Mac in for repair apparently replaced the board with a Core Duo CPU
instead of the Core 2 Duo CPU I took it in with!  Not exactly sure why only
the MacPorts programs crashed and not any of the Quartz ones, but at least
it explains the immediate problem...

I did also start a discussion on the Qtstalker mailing list and the
development version's based on Qt4 where someone even has it all running on
their Mac albeit on Tiger, so it may be totally doable once we hopefully
resolve this Qt4 on Snow Leopard issue...

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 7:29 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>wrote:

> On Oct 28, 2009, at 19:18, Dennis C wrote:
>  The only other thing I can think of is that I tried and failed installing
>> from source a program called "Qtstalker" and so maybe that did "who knows
>> what..."  Sorry I forgot to mention it, but thought the error message could
>> be obvious enough anyway...  Thanks for your help though and maybe I'll just
>> have to reinstall everything
> Before you do, if you can provide the information I requested earlier about
> the architectures your installed software has, maybe that will clue us in
> about what happened. Try using both "lipo -info /opt/local/bin/perl" and
> "file /opt/local/bin/perl" to try to find out why your perl is not
> satisfactory to your Mac.
>  and hope that Qtstalker or something similar shows up in MacPorts soon
>> because that's what's still keeping me tied to a PC, using that software to
>> manage some market trading...
> You could file a port request ticket in the issue tracker. I looked into
> qtstalker briefly just now, and didn't get very far, because it requires qt3
> (is not compatible with qt4), whereas qt3 is not compatible with Snow
> Leopard (see #21459). Then again, I can't get the current qt4 to build on
> Snow Leopard either; there are tickets for this as well. Qt is an
> unimaginably huge piece of library, which probably means it has a bazillion
> things that could go wrong. To get qtstalker in MacPorts, you should either
> work with the authors of qt to get qt3 working properly on Snow Leopard, or
> work with the authors of qtstalker to get it working with qt4 and work with
> the authors of qt to get qt4 working properly in MacPorts. In the mean time,
> someone who still uses Leopard could work on the portfile. (I don't have
> Leopard with me at the moment.)
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