Snow Leopard and /usr/local

Paul T Baker paultbaker at
Thu Sep 24 09:51:24 PDT 2009


Way back when, I installed MacPorts in /usr/local.  I upgraded to Snow 
Leopard and have attempted to get MacPorts 1.8 to install there to no 
avail.  I know that Snow Leopard messes with /usr/local permissions.  
I've tried all kinds of things to convince it to go there, but it won't:

   configure: error: Installing MacPorts into /usr/local is not supported

is what I'm told.

I hear that installing into /usr/local can cause problems, so my guess 
is that MacPorts explicitly refuses to install there.  fine.

Mostly I want to uninstall all of my old ports that still live in 
/usr/local.  I can't just rm the whole thing.  So my questions are:

If I install MacPorts elsewhere can I make it see all of the old ports 
in /usr/local so it can uninstall them?

If not, can I (against all advice) trick MacPorts to install to 
/usr/local to uninstall the ports? (I would then reinstall it elsewhere)

Thank you for any help you can offer,

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