X11 driver not configured with OpenGL on Snow Leopard

Dominik Reichardt domiman at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 15:37:26 PDT 2009

Am 28.09.2009 um 00:16 schrieb Ryan Schmidt:

>> Am 28.09.2009 um 00:01 schrieb Ryan Schmidt:
>>> It's a warning, not an error. Any program using X11 on Mac OS X  
>>> will show this warning. Just ignore it.
>>>> and Exult Studio would continue to run in the background  
>>>> consuming every CPU time it could get.
>>>> Only when I rebuilt cairo and pango with the variants +macosx 
>>>> +quartz+universal and GTK2 with universal+x11 (which I was  
>>>> wondering how that worked)
>>> how what worked?
>> When I did that I thought that macports would complain on building  
>> GTK2 that cairo/pango would need to be +x11 as well. Apparently I  
>> was mistaken :)
> Oh yes, indeed. There is no reason why that should be working at  
> all. :) You must install everything with Quartz or everything with  
> X11; you can't mix and match.

that's what I thought and why I was surprised. I don't even quite know  
what prompted me to try it this way, somehow it worked and made Exult  
Studio compile and run after all...
port installed gives me indeed

cairo @1.8.8_0+macosx+quartz+universal (active)
gtk2 @2.16.6_1+universal+x11 (active)
pango @1.26.0_0+macosx+quartz+universal (active)

When I feel fit enough tomorrow I'll try again with a complete +x11  
and hope that Exult Studio will still run :)


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