Snow Leopard

Rainer Müller raimue at
Mon Sep 28 06:12:19 PDT 2009

Peter Hindrichs wrote:
> This is what I get if I try to do any actions with port:
> Freedom:~ peterhin$ port selfupdate
> dlopen(/Library/Tcl/macports1.0/MacPorts.dylib, 10): no suitable image
> found.  Did find:
>     /Library/Tcl/macports1.0/MacPorts.dylib: mach-o, but wrong architecture
>     while executing
> "load /Library/Tcl/macports1.0/MacPorts.dylib"
>     ("package ifneeded macports 1.0" script)
>     invoked from within
> "package require macports"
>     (file "/opt/local/bin/port" line 39)

You upgraded from Leopard and thus still have MacPorts binaries for i386
only installed, but need x86_64 for Snow Leopard. Please reinstall
MacPorts using the disk image, then follow instructions from


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