gnumeric will not install

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Apr 12 10:08:43 PDT 2010

On 2010-4-13 02:47 , reiser.paul at wrote:
> Hi - following the steps on, the
> first step was "port installed > myports.txt" I have attached the
> terminal output (Migration1.txt) and the myports.txt file. Everything
> seems ok.
> Step 2 was "sudo port -f uninstall installed > Migration2.txt" (I added
>> Migration2.txt). I have attached the Migration2.txt adding the command
> and a terminal output message which was "Error: Qgis requires python".
> Im wondering if this error means I should take care of this before
> proceeding? Ultimately, I would like to have gnumeric, GDL, GIMP, and
> ImageMagick running on my machine.

This is nothing to worry about, the qgis port is just badly behaved and
prints this error message even when you're doing something other than
installing it.

- Josh

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