gnumeric will not install

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Apr 13 20:41:55 PDT 2010

On Apr 13, 2010, at 22:17, reiser.paul at wrote:

> The log file exceeded the 25 Mb limit, so I deleted everyhing except the ./configure output. Let me know if you need more than that. I did the following:
>   sudo port -d install xorg-libsm  - looks good (?)
>   sudo port -d install gnumeric - looks good (?)

Ok, so according to "port info gnumeric", this would have installed gnumeric 1.8.4 for you.

> cd to the newly created /Applications/gnumeric-1.10.1 folder

This directory has nothing to do with MacPorts. Perhaps you put this there before? To see what MacPorts installed and where, use "port contents gnumeric".

>   ./configure
> and this gave some errors. Maybe something else that needs to be installed? Anyway, I will wait for your reply before moving on.

The log says libgoffice 0.8 could not be found, which could be either because it is not installed, or because the configure script could not find it. I see our goffice port is only for version 0.6.6, so it seems to be the former reason.

So, I wouldn't worry about this. I'd delete the gnumeric-1.10.1 folder and get back to using the gnumeric 1.8.4 that MacPorts installed for you.

We should probably upgrade our gnumeric port to 1.10.x, and would in the process logically have to upgrade our goffice port to 0.8.x. The request for the goffice update is already filed here:

I filed a ticket for the gnumeric update request here:

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