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Bradley Giesbrecht brad at pixilla.com
Tue Apr 27 09:15:50 PDT 2010

On Apr 27, 2010, at 8:13 AM, John B Brown wrote:

> Might you explain exactly what /usr/local has to do with /opt/local.  
> Because all activity for port takes place under /opt/local what does  
> having applications in /usr/local do that would interfere with port  
> when a properly set up PATH is in operation?

One reason is that some sources are hard coded to look in /usr/local.

> /usr/local is helpful for such utilities as a proper updatedb and  
> locate because the ones Apple sends is about as lame as can be. Is  
> Macports another Apple exclusionary software system?

Maybe this port gets you part of what you want.
port info findutiles

If there are software titles not in macports that you desire file a  
ticket requesting they be added, or better yet create the port and  
contribute. Portfiles are normally not very difficult to create.

Bradley Giesbrecht
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