Previously requested variants removed when upgrading with --enforce-variants (was: Re: Odd upgrade behavior)

Scott Webster sewebster at
Sun Aug 1 15:00:46 PDT 2010

On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 10:49 AM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> On Aug 1, 2010, at 12:09, Arno Hautala wrote:
>> Is this the expected behavior for "port upgrade --enforce-variants outdated"?
>> --->  Computing dependencies for dblatex
>> --->  Dependencies to be installed: ImageMagick
>> ...
>> --->  Staging ImageMagick into destroot
>> --->  Packaging tbz2 archive for ImageMagick 6.6.3-0_0+q16+universal
>> --->  Installing ImageMagick @6.6.3-0_0+q16+universal
>> --->  Deactivating ImageMagick @6.6.3-0_0+gs+mpeg+perl+q16
>> --->  Cleaning ImageMagick
>> --->  Activating ImageMagick @6.6.3-0_0+q16+universal
>> --->  Cleaning ImageMagick
>> --->  Fetching archive for dblatex
> I think it's probably normal that MacPorts has rebuilt ImageMagick with the +universal variant; you asked for variants to be enforced, and probably one of your outdated ports that depends in some way on ImageMagick was installed +universal.
> What I agree is not desirable is that in addition to adding the +universal variant to ImageMagick, MacPorts also removed all your other variants from it. That's probably not what we want to happen. I haven't looked through the enforce variants code yet...

Should you normally have to pass the --enforce-variants switch when
you just want to upgrade everything outdated though?  Sorry if I
haven't done enough research, but it seemed to me that my variants
were preserved by just running "sudo port upgrade outdated"


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