help with installing/updating "gettext" & other files in 64-bit snow leopard architecture

Faddah Steve Yuetsu Wolf my_biz at
Wed Aug 4 23:22:10 PDT 2010

hi scott,

well, it's installed *now,* since i installed it this afternoon.


django-3:drizzle yuetsu$ port installed
The following ports are currently installed:
  audiofile @0.2.7_0
  autoconf @2.65_2 (active)
  automake @1.11.1_0 (active)
  bison @2.4.2_0+universal (active)
  bzip2 @1.0.5_3+universal (active)
  bzr @2.1.2_0 (active)
  curl @7.21.0_1+ssl+universal (active)
  curl-ca-bundle @7.21.0_1 (active)
  db46 @4.6.21_6+universal (active)
  expat @2.0.1_0
  expat @2.0.1_0+universal (active)
  fontconfig @2.8.0_0+universal (active)
  freetype @2.4.1_0+universal (active)
  gdbm @1.8.3_2+universal (active)
  gettext @
  gettext @ (active)
  glib2 @2.24.1_0
  glib2 @2.24.1_0+universal (active)
  gperf @3.0.4_0
  gperf @3.0.4_0+universal (active)
  help2man @1.38.2_0 (active)
  jpeg @8b_0
  jpeg @8b_0+universal (active)
  libao @1.0.0_0
  libevent @1.4.14b_0
  libevent @1.4.14b_0+universal (active)
  libiconv @1.13.1_0
  libiconv @1.13.1_0+universal (active)
  libidn @1.19_0+universal (active)
  libogg @1.2.0_0
  libsdl @1.2.14_8+universal (active)
  libtool @2.2.10_0
  libtool @2.2.10_0+universal (active)
  lzmautils @4.32.7_1+universal (active)
  m4 @1.4.14_0
  m4 @1.4.14_0+universal (active)
  ncurses @5.7_0
  ncurses @5.7_0+universal (active)
  ncursesw @5.7_0
  ncursesw @5.7_0+universal (active)
  nspr @4.8.4_0 (active)
  nss @3.12.6_0
  openssl @1.0.0a_0+universal (active)
  p5-locale-gettext @1.05_2 (active)
  p5-xml-parser @2.36_0
  pcre @8.10_0+universal (active)
  perl5 @5.8.9_0 (active)
  perl5.8 @5.8.9_3
  perl5.8 @5.8.9_3+universal (active)
  pkgconfig @0.25_0
  pkgconfig @0.25_0+universal (active)
  py26-crypto @2.0.1_1+universal (active)
  py26-curl @7.19.0_0+universal (active)
  py26-distribute @0.6.14_0+universal (active)
  py26-docutils @0.7_0 (active)
  py26-paramiko @1.7.6_0 (active)
  py26-pyrex @0.9.9_0 (active)
  py26-roman @1.4.0_0 (active)
  python26 @2.6.5_3+universal (active)
  readline @6.1.000_1
  readline @6.1.000_1+universal (active)
  rfksay @0.1_0+universal (active)
  smpeg @0.4.4_8+universal (active)
  sqlite3 @
  sqlite3 @ (active)
  tcl @8.5.8_0+universal (active)
  texinfo @4.13_2+universal (active)
  tiff @3.9.4_0+universal (active)
  tk @8.5.8_0+universal (active)
  Xft2 @2.1.14_0+universal (active)
  xmlcatmgr @2.2_1+universal (active)
  xorg-bigreqsproto @1.1.0_0 (active)
  xorg-inputproto @2.0_0 (active)
  xorg-kbproto @1.0.4_0 (active)
  xorg-libX11 @1.3.4_0+universal (active)
  xorg-libXau @1.0.6_0+universal (active)
  xorg-libXdmcp @1.0.3_0+universal (active)
  xorg-libXext @1.1.2_0+universal (active)
  xorg-libXrandr @1.3.0_1+universal (active)
  xorg-libXScrnSaver @1.2.0_0+universal (active)
  xorg-randrproto @1.3.1_0 (active)
  xorg-renderproto @0.11_0 (active)
  xorg-scrnsaverproto @1.2.0_0 (active)
  xorg-util-macros @1.10.0_0 (active)
  xorg-xcmiscproto @1.2.0_0 (active)
  xorg-xextproto @7.1.1_0 (active)
  xorg-xf86bigfontproto @1.2.0_0 (active)
  xorg-xproto @7.0.17_0 (active)
  xorg-xtrans @1.2.5_0 (active)
  xrender @0.9.6_0+universal (active)
  zlib @1.2.5_0+universal (active)

... does that help? please let me know. and i thank you and everyone else for their responses.


—  faddah steve yuetsu wolf
    portland, oregon
    503-449-0531 - iPhone
    my_biz at
On Aug 4, 2010, at 11:18 PM, Scott Webster wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 11:05 PM, Faddah Steve Yuetsu Wolf <my_biz at> wrote:
>> thanx for the advisement, and i'll take that into consideration, but as i
>> said in my original e-mail, all i did was download the MacPorts 1.9.1 pkg
>> install on the *.dmg file off your MacPorts site and run it. i didn't change
>> any settings in the macports.conf file, i have not installed a previous
>> version of MacPorts or its expat before today, and i know of know other
>> applications that installed and "i386" expat on my machine or on previous
>> machines i've had (they may have, but before i came across it in MacPorts,
>> i'd never heard of the "expat" before). so i don't know what to tell you
> So you shouldn't have any ports installed?  What is the output of
> "port installed"?
> Scott

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