Getting rid of xorg- kruft

LuKreme kremels at
Mon Aug 16 11:49:43 PDT 2010

I got python26 installed when I installed something else (denyhosts, probably), but it built with all this xorg GUI kruft that I don't want, so I reinstalled python with the +no_tkinter variant, but that didn't actually get rid of any of the xorg- stuff. I also ran an uninstall of inactive ports.

running latest macports (1.9.1), selfupdate ran within the last hour.

It looks like

port uninstall leaves

should remove everything that isn't currently needed, but doing a 'dry run' on that leaves [haha] behind a lot of xorg- files like xorg-libX11 and xorg-xf86vidmodeproto.

Is it possible I need to run port uninstall leaves multiple times?

Hmm. Decided to risk it (I has backup!). Ran `port uninstall leaves` 6 times. On the last run it said no ports matched. The previous 5 it removed something.

Is that normal? I mean, I have all that extra kruft gone now, but why didn't it all get removed the first time I ran the uninstall?

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