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On Aug 22, 2010, at 11:23 PM, Chris Velevitch <chris.velevitch at> wrote:

> I've just successfully installed and run pgAdmin3 (v1.10.5) but I
> can't create an alias for the file. Is this normal? This
> is the first time I come across not being able to make and alias (that
> i can recall).
> When I do a ls -l, I get:-
>     $ ls -l MacPorts/
>     total 0
>     drwxr-xr-x  8 root  admin  272 23 Aug 14:52 Contents
>     $ _
> Is there something I need to do? Do I need to change the own and group
> in order to make an alias?

What happens if you select the app and press command-D or File->Duplicate. If that too is not allowed it appears you lack read/write permissions. 

Have you tried a symbolic link as a test? Run 'ln-s ~/Desktop/pgAdminsymblink' from within the directory the app resides in; I believe /Applications/MacPorts. 

The symbolic link command may require sudo which answers a bit more about this. Or 'ln' may generate a more descriptive warning/error message. 

I suspect the port command was used with sudo to install this app. That places the app as root owned. The user account you are running in may not have sufficient privileges to perform file modification. 

Is your user account an admin account or a standard user account?
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