Problem creating RPM Binary Packages that work..

John Puffs johnnypuffs at
Mon Aug 23 23:57:57 PDT 2010

Hi All,

New here, so hello!

Anyway, relative newb. Know enough to be dangerous ;)

I've read through the docs, howtos, archives of this list.

>From the documentation it seems that the purpose of creating a Binary
Package is to install on another system, not having Macports.

I have tried to create a few RPM Binary Packages to install on a Linux box
that I have.

When I try to install the RPM I get a last line saying:

org.macports.darwin10 is needed by xxxxxxx

xxxxxxx being whatever package I am installing.

Am I missing something here? Apparently.

1. Can only install these RPM binary packages on Darwin builds?

2.  Do I need to include something else in the RPM?

3. Do I need to take out Darwin references in the RPM?

As I said, I thought the point of this was to be able to install on
different systems.

Can someone please let me know if this is possible and if so, what I need to

Thanks in advance for any nudge in the right direction.

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