after update poppler's dependents referencing incorrect version 6 (should be 7)

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Aug 24 13:59:11 PDT 2010

On Aug 24, 2010, at 14:50, Trevor Bain wrote:

> Just before you answered I took the wrong route then and did "sudo
> port uninstall -dcu --follow-dependents poppler" (for my only
> texlive-bin is using it). I have been reluctant to do this since it's
> a several hour install.
> It would have been much quicker to just do "sudo port uninstall -f
> texlive-bin" ... I'll try that in the future.

Single-letter arguments must immediately follow "port" so the above would have been "sudo port -dcu uninstall --follow-dependents poppler" and "sudo port -f uninstall texlive-bin". Also you don't need to force uninstall, then reinstall something; if you just want to rebuild it, you can "sudo port -n upgrade --force texlive-bin" all in one step.

> I'm not offended - just frustrated. I realize that Tickets need to be
> answered quickly and even legitimate tickets that are off topic (or
> mislabeled) need to be closed. It was just frustrating to have the
> ticket closed and then have the thing that I said didn't work dictated
> as the answer.

The answer is that you need to rebuild the ports that use poppler. The changeset you indicated in your ticket should have caused MacPorts to realize that it needed to rebuild these ports (i.e. should have been displayed in "port outdated" and upgraded by "sudo port upgrade outdated"). We do not understand why that did not work in your case. You can manually rebuild the port(s) affected using e.g. "sudo port -n upgrade --force texlive-bin"

As to what a changeset is or how to see what it contains, you can click the text "r70558" in the ticket you filed to be taken to which shows you what's in the changeset. If we're talking about changesets that affect portfiles (i.e. changes made in the trunk/dports directory) then "sudo port sync" or "sudo port selfupdate" retrieves these to your machine (with up to a half hour delay).

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