How to switch smoothly to kdelibs4?

Marko Käning MK-MacPorts at
Wed Aug 25 11:42:27 PDT 2010

> How about:
> -deactivate kde3 stuff
> -install kde4 stuff including new version of kmymoney
> -if it all works then you are done
> -if it doesn't work then you can revert back to your kde3 version
Well, that's what my workflow meant.

> In other words, why do you seem to want to end up with a kde4 version
> of kmymoney but with kde3 stuff activated?
No, I don't need the kde3 stuff eventually, it's just meant as a fallback possibility during the transition period.
I would leave kde3 stuff deactivated as long as I try to get everything setup and reactivate it only in case of need. Of course I would dump the whole kde3 stuff once I got everything up and running on kde4.

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