Where is the settings for a Port program put in?

James Hozier guitarscn1 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 27 06:39:14 PDT 2010

That Portfile is where I got my information from. I want to know where
it stored the Portfile information into. In the Portfile all it says is
the name, description, download locations, checksums, etc. of the port
and then the options:

configure.env   COPY_DIRECTORY=tar
configure.args  --with-default-server=irc.freenode.net \
    --mandir=${prefix}/share/man \

Followed by the livecheck of whatever. For that second line
"configure.args  --with-default-server=irc.freenode.net"
I want to know where that information is stored and how to change it
the way the Ports changed it when it first installed on my system

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> Aug 26, 2010 at 4:48 PM, James Hozier
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> wrote:
> > What I want to know is where the
> "--with-default-server=irc.freenode.net"
> > is stored if it's not in the $IRCSERVER environment
> variable (mine is
> > not set yet it still connects to freenode by default
> even though I
> > didn't set it). Is there a config file I can get to
> change this without
> > having to change the environment setting?
> The command 'port dir ircii' will show you the directory of
> the ircii
> port. This directory contains a file named Portfile that
> contains
> several options, among them there's your default server
> line.
> Use a plain text editor, i.e. not TextEdit in rich text
> mode. If you
> don't already have one of choice and you want to use an
> editor with a
> GUI I suggest TextWrangler of Bare Bones Software.
> TextEdit in plain text mode will do the job too.
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> Andrea
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