Where is the settings for a Port program put in?

James Hozier guitarscn1 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 27 06:42:04 PDT 2010

I already have my .ircrc configured, however I am looking for the file
I am now because .ircrc doesn't work the way I like it. When I start up
ircII it automatically connects to irc.freenode.net, even though it is
not in my .ircrc file (.ircrc loads my other scripts fine too). What is
making my ircII client connect to Freenode in the first place? That is
what I am curious about.

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> > 
> >> What I want to know is where the
> "--with-default-server=irc.freenode.net"
> >> is stored if it's not in the $IRCSERVER
> environment variable (mine is
> >> not set yet it still connects to freenode by
> default even though I
> >> didn't set it). Is there a config file I can get
> to change this without
> >> having to change the environment setting?
> > 
> > The command 'port dir ircii' will show you the
> directory of the ircii
> > port. This directory contains a file named Portfile
> that contains
> > several options, among them there's your default
> server line.
> > 
> > Use a plain text editor, i.e. not TextEdit in rich
> text mode. If you
> > don't already have one of choice and you want to use
> an editor with a
> > GUI I suggest TextWrangler of Bare Bones Software.
> > TextEdit in plain text mode will do the job too.
> man irc
>    The .ircrc File:
>        When ircII is executed, it
> checks the user's home directory for a .ircrc file,
> executing the commands in the file.  Commands in this
> file do not need  to  have  a 
> leading  slash
>        character '/'.  This
> allows predefinition of aliases and other features.
> Maybe adding the commands you want to execute to ~/.ircrc
> will do what you want.
> // Brad
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