libjit errors

Balint Joo joobalint at
Mon Aug 30 08:24:36 PDT 2010

  I've been trying to install the libJIT port. (MacPorts 1.9.1), the OS 
is MacOS X 10.6.4.
My first attempt wanted to install libjit-0.0.6, and failed with a 
checksum error.
I posted this as a bug on the trac site:

A short email conversation suggested that the latest version is 0.1.2 as 
confirmed by 'port livecheck':

libjit seems to have been updated (port version: 0.0.6, new version: 0.1.2)

Attempting to install the latest version with

port install libjit version=0.1.2

Also failed for me with checksum errors. I tried following the HOWTO about
upgrading packages (namely, edit the portfile, bump the version to 0.1.2,
and then run port -d checksum to get the new checksums). Now the install
gets past the download and checksum stage and fails in the configure....

According to the log:
:info:configure sh: line 0: cd: 
No such file or directory

Indeed if I look there is only a:

and the only file in it is: .macports.libjit.state

This has been frustrating me for some time.

  Can someone please help with a concise
way of how to get the latest versions of the ports, libjit in particular?

(I am having similar issues also trying to install Intel TBB v3.0. The 
default package is v2.2 but livecheck claims a more recent one...)

Many thanks,

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