Force Macports to use XQuartz as X11 dependency

Bradley Giesbrecht brad at
Mon Aug 30 15:08:42 PDT 2010

On Aug 30, 2010, at 2:08 PM, Jeff Singleton wrote:

> And I submit that using a phrase such as "consistent support for older
> machines and not violating /usr/X11" is lazy and resource wasting
> rubbish.  If XQuartz already has at least some of the dependencies
> required ... it is a waste to have to build them anyway, instead of
> having Macports at least look for and honor dependencies that already
> exist and provide the necessary pieces.
> If you took offense to my use of the work "lazy" ... then it is of my
> humble opinion that you are OK with status quo ... thus you are lazy.
> Leaving things the way they are in order to support older hardware
> just isn't justifiable anymore.
> As far as what I do and what I don't do  .... well ... I'm a
> power-user.  So I do what I can and leave the other stuff alone.   I
> never stated I could fix it .. I just stated I believe it needs to be
> fixed. As far as I thought ... a mailing list is the right place to
> discuss these things.  If you would rather not discuss...then don't
> reply....its that easy.

But you misunderstand me. I do want to discuss, that's why I am  
spending the time with you.

I think you are mistaken to use the term lazy here and I'm trying to  
point that out to you. I think it's inaccurate.

If you spend a short amount of time learning the makeup of a Portfile  
you shouldn't have to much difficulty modifying the install behaviors  
of ports and if you have questions people here will help.

Good luck.

Bradley Giesbrecht

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