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On Feb 7, 2010, at 3:33 AM, Jasper Frumau <jasperfrumau at gmail.com>  

> Errors solved. FTP layer in Joomla's configuration.php had to be  
> deactivated as I have no FTP running on my Server. What FTP program  
> do you guys recommend?

That very much depends on your needs. I'm always surprised by the  
amount of FireFox users that use an FTP plugin in browser. Or,  
FileZilla, an open desktop FTP client.

On Mac I personally use Interarchy. I feel it curreny is the best of  
the offerings. A quick breakdown:

Mimics the Finder, no left/right local/remote files methodology.

In my tests, Interarchy is the fastest at moving data up and down,  
with reliable resume, if the remote supports it. From plain scp on the  
command line or unencrypted FTP on the command line, Interarchy is  
fast.  At home, GB ether to GB (Same LAN), I've been disk bound before  
network bound.

This can cause issues as there is no max upload speed setting. I  
saturate my outbound and can't do anything else.  "throttled", ipfw,  
or your router can help solve that.

Supports the most protocols, I believe. FTP, ssh, FTP w/ SSL/TLS,  
Amazon S3, Dav, AFP, http, SFTP, anything you want to connect to, you  

One downside is all settings apply to all hosts. If one server needs  
passive and another does not, you are stuck with one or the other for  
that session. I find very few Mac FTP clients allow per host settings  

Luckily, you can edit a preference file and set every preference to a  
specific host, solving this problem, but there is no GUI for this.

You can mount any connection as a desktop viewable volume. It's as if  
your local, not slow, beachball the finder, like OS X does.

Interarchy is simple and clean yet highly powerful.  If you know how  
to manipulate files and directories in the finder, you already know  
how to use Interarchy.

Of course, with the above you get scheduling of up/down. "Droplets"  
where you save a "file" that is preconfigured to send a file wherever  
you like. Keychain integration, solid transfers monitor, growl  
support, excellent transcript showing raw commands...

On the downside, version 9 saw the removal of it's built in traffic  
watcher, which was an excellent front end to tcpdump like output. It  
was to be spawned into a new standalone free product which has never  
materialized. Though you can run older versions simultaneously.

It's been a long wait for version 10, and version 9 saw, I believe  
only one update since release. Not enough activity and zero feature  
updates during a versions lifecycle never sat well with me. It is  
stable and does what was advertised, but I would have liked to have  
seen a few bones thrown my way in the last 2 years.

This obviously is paid software. On the MacPorts side, I believe you  
will find mostly CLI apps, or an occasional X11 app.  Depending on  
your needs, this may work for you, and it's always a good idea to have  
a CLI FTP handy for debugging new connections.

Next paid contender would be Panic's Transmit. Transmit is the FTP app  
with all the shine and polish as usual.

Transmit supports near all protocols as well. However, the showstopper  
for me is the left/right window of local/remote files. You can sort of  
toggle that off, but it's still a bit strange feeling.

I've heard rumors of a pretty substancial version update release due  
soon. Unison (Panic's Usenet Reader) shipped, I bet Transmit is next.

For paid apps, those are the only two I reccomend.

On the free side is Cyberduck. In my opinion, pretty darn close to  
Transmit.  Looking over the website, I would say the app progressed  
quickly and looks pretty good.

Oh. There is also Fetch, probably the first OS 9 FTP client on the  
scene. I'm pretty sure the developer won the million bucks on Who  
Wants To Be A Millionaire. I don't know the state of Fetch, though I  
do know had I won a million I may be inclined to take a long break  
from my app as well. :)

I think that leaves FileZilla Desktop and FireFTP extension for  
FireFox. Look at some screenshots, for lite use, I suppose. Daily use,  
I could not see myself pulling it off with those apps.

If you are pure ssh with newer FTP servers to connect to... Check out  
MacFuse to allow attaching remote connections to the local file  
system. Just like Interarchy does, but that is all it does.

There's a ton of choice, all with fully functioning demos or open/ 
free. Download a few and see what suits you. I'm going to strongly  
look into the next release of Transmit, in the meantime, Interarchy is  
the app I see and use every day.

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