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On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 4:52 PM, Scott Haneda <talklists at newgeo.com> wrote:

> On Feb 7, 2010, at 3:33 AM, Jasper Frumau <jasperfrumau at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Errors solved. FTP layer in Joomla's configuration.php had to be
>> deactivated as I have no FTP running on my Server. What FTP program do you
>> guys recommend?
> That very much depends on your needs. I'm always surprised by the amount of
> FireFox users that use an FTP plugin in browser. Or, FileZilla, an open
> desktop FTP client.
> On Mac I personally use Interarchy. I feel it curreny is the best of the
> offerings. A quick breakdown:
> Mimics the Finder, no left/right local/remote files methodology.

I am kind of used to that though...

> In my tests, Interarchy is the fastest at moving data up and down, with
> reliable resume, if the remote supports it. From plain scp on the command
> line or unencrypted FTP on the command line, Interarchy is fast.  At home,
> GB ether to GB (Same LAN), I've been disk bound before network bound.
> This can cause issues as there is no max upload speed setting. I saturate
> my outbound and can't do anything else.  "throttled", ipfw, or your router
> can help solve that.
> Supports the most protocols, I believe. FTP, ssh, FTP w/ SSL/TLS, Amazon
> S3, Dav, AFP, http, SFTP, anything you want to connect to, you can.
> One downside is all settings apply to all hosts. If one server needs
> passive and another does not, you are stuck with one or the other for that
> session. I find very few Mac FTP clients allow per host settings though.
> Luckily, you can edit a preference file and set every preference to a
> specific host, solving this problem, but there is no GUI for this.
> You can mount any connection as a desktop viewable volume. It's as if your
> local, not slow, beachball the finder, like OS X does.
> Interarchy is simple and clean yet highly powerful.  If you know how to
> manipulate files and directories in the finder, you already know how to use
> Interarchy.
> Of course, with the above you get scheduling of up/down. "Droplets" where
> you save a "file" that is preconfigured to send a file wherever you like.
> Keychain integration, solid transfers monitor, growl support, excellent
> transcript showing raw commands...
> On the downside, version 9 saw the removal of it's built in traffic
> watcher, which was an excellent front end to tcpdump like output. It was to
> be spawned into a new standalone free product which has never materialized.
> Though you can run older versions simultaneously.
> It's been a long wait for version 10, and version 9 saw, I believe only one
> update since release. Not enough activity and zero feature updates during a
> versions lifecycle never sat well with me. It is stable and does what was
> advertised, but I would have liked to have seen a few bones thrown my way in
> the last 2 years.
> This obviously is paid software. On the MacPorts side, I believe you will
> find mostly CLI apps, or an occasional X11 app.  Depending on your needs,
> this may work for you, and it's always a good idea to have a CLI FTP handy
> for debugging new connections.
> Next paid contender would be Panic's Transmit. Transmit is the FTP app with
> all the shine and polish as usual.
> Transmit supports near all protocols as well. However, the showstopper for
> me is the left/right window of local/remote files. You can sort of toggle
> that off, but it's still a bit strange feeling.

Never heard off.. Will check it out too...

> I've heard rumors of a pretty substancial version update release due soon.
> Unison (Panic's Usenet Reader) shipped, I bet Transmit is next.
> For paid apps, those are the only two I reccomend.
> On the free side is Cyberduck. In my opinion, pretty darn close to
> Transmit.  Looking over the website, I would say the app progressed quickly
> and looks pretty good.

Tried it. Didn't like the interface very much...

> Oh. There is also Fetch, probably the first OS 9 FTP client on the scene.
> I'm pretty sure the developer won the million bucks on Who Wants To Be A
> Millionaire. I don't know the state of Fetch, though I do know had I won a
> million I may be inclined to take a long break from my app as well. :)
> I think that leaves FileZilla Desktop and FireFTP extension for FireFox.
> Look at some screenshots, for lite use, I suppose. Daily use, I could not
> see myself pulling it off with those apps.
> If you are pure ssh with newer FTP servers to connect to... Check out
> MacFuse to allow attaching remote connections to the local file system. Just
> like Interarchy does, but that is all it does.

Sounds interesting as well!

> There's a ton of choice, all with fully functioning demos or open/free.
> Download a few and see what suits you. I'm going to strongly look into the
> next release of Transmit, in the meantime, Interarchy is the app I see and
> use every day.

Thanks for all these tips!!! I am overwhelmed! I will check Interarchy as
well on eor two others . As a client I use Filezilla, For an FTP server,
which I was actually looking for I am going to give ProFTPD a try. I will
check if Interarchy can do that was well..

Thanks again!

> -- Scott
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